The Moving Cities project in Athens

The Moving Cities project. A few words about the project.

Moving Cities is the cinematographic project of the artist, director and manager of Wind and Foster, Mr. Jevan Chowdhury. This project was born in 2014 and aims to discover the beauty and the uniqueness of every city.

Mr. Chowdhurry brings together dancers that represent different dancing styles and enables them to show their talent in the heart of big cities of the world like London and Paris. Dancers are dancing in the middle of big avenues, in little streets, in squares and every little corner of the city is transformed into a dance floor. All dancing styles are becoming one in order to bring to life the idea of the artist to present a city through the movement of their people.

The Moving Cities project in Athens

After Paris, London, Brussels and Prague it was the turn of Athens to became the next dance floor of Mr. Chowdhurry.

There have been just a few hours that the Moving Athens was shared through his account on Vimeo. A lot of Greek dancers, known and rewarded but also new ones, give great performances of dancing art under the melody of the Greek traditional music, orchestral music and experimental sound.

The moving cities project catches the attention of big international festivals, from Los Angeles to Rome and from Seoul to Canada. The Moving Athens film was held with the cooperation of Hellenic Ministry of Culture, the municipality of Athens, the Athens School of Arts and the Athens Video Dance Project, among others.


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