The most inspired Greek souvenirs and where to find them!

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Those are the most inspired Greek souvenirs! A new era for the Greek souvenirs has come! Until now the only Greek souvenirs that we knew were those little statues of Parthenon and Acropolis or even worse those little “tsoliades” statues (presidential guards with the traditional costume) of bad quality found most of the times  in touristic stores at Plaka and Monastiraki. For decades a foreign visitor of Greece, who wanted to buy a souvenir could only choose among the statues, mentioned before, and some t-shirts with the “I love Greece” stamp.

Recently, the field of Greek souvenir industry finally modernized and became a work of art! There are plenty concept stores which have artistic souvenirs and approach not only foreign visitors but also locals. A big number of new Greek designers express themselves through the construction of Greek souvenirs. Those designers have the opportunity to display their work in the «It’s All, Oh So Souvenir To Me» exhibition that takes place every year in Athens. This year the exhibition is hosted in Benaki Museum, where we can admire these new artistic souvenirs. More than 60 Greek designers took part in the exhibition and their products could be found at Matalou at Home at Plaka.


Where to find artistic Greek souvenirs

These artistic Greek souvenirs could be found at some stores located downtown in Athens. Here are three of them:

Matalou at Home

Located at 5 Ipitou street in Plaka this store has a lot of souvenirs from various designers and also the owner of the store design her own Greek souvenirs! Her workshop is the room behind her store!

Forget Me Not

This store is located at 100 Andrianou street in Plaka. Owner of the store is Filippos Houri that is an expert in Greek design. The store hosts over 100 different designers!


AtoZGreek souvenirs can be found in Attica Department Store in Panepistimiou street near Syntagma square and in other preferred spots.


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