The “Greek” Hermes scarves…

The exhibition of accessories and scarves of the artist Ioulia Abadie is going to be presented at Spetses Island. The famous hotel of Spetses, Poseidonio Hotel, is hosting the exhibition in cooperation with the Benaki Museum. People will have the opportunity to see a flashback of all the creations that the French (who originates from Greece) designer has made through years.


Mrs. Abadie started to promote Greek themes in world’s most famous scarves since 1969. She got her inspiration through Greek history and art. Also she loved to design scarves that depict displays of Benaki Museum. She also created a lot of scarves inspired by Greek naval combat and battles of 1821. Her exhibition at Spetses is a great opportunity for people to admire her artwork and have a closer look at those “Greek” Hermes scarves, which have been worn from princesses (like Grace Kelly) to the most famous celebrities (like Sharon Stone at “Basic Instinct”).

greek-hermes-scarf-skiros    greek-hermes-scarf

Location: Lobby of Poseidonion Grand Hotel Spetses

Dates: July 25 – August 13

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