Artistic Christmas gifts from famous Greek museums

Make the most artistic gifts to celebrate Christmas and the New Year! This Christmas if you don’t want to make an ordinary gift but an artistic Christmas gift, you should visit the museums. This year the shops inside the most famous Greek museums are selling the most artistic Christmas gifts you have ever seen! The Read more about Artistic Christmas gifts from famous Greek museums[…]

Christmas at Acropolis Museum

Christmas at Acropolis Museum

Christmas at Acropolis Museum is full of surprises! Acropolis Museum is prepared for Christmas 2015 with imaginative activities for children, Acropolis made of Lego, happy melodies and songs and many more surprises! Christmas events of Acropolis Museum have just been announced and they will take place on December 19, December 20 and December 27, 2015. Read more about Christmas at Acropolis Museum[…]

Digital museum of Plato

Digital Museum for the Academy of Plato

Academy of Plato has finally its own museum, dedicated to the great philosopher and his magnificent work. The brand new museum of Athens is a creation of the Foundation of the Hellenic World and inaugurated by the Mayor of Athens, Giorgos Kaminis and the Vice President of the Hellenic Foundation Sophia Kounenakis – Efremoglou. The Read more about Digital Museum for the Academy of Plato[…]

Greek gastronomy museum

The Greek Gastronomy museum

Greek Gastronomy museum is located at the historic neighbor of Psirri. Greek Gastronomy museum consist a non – profit private initiative which began in early 2013. The team that inspired and implemented the idea comes from different scientific fields with a common love for Greek tradition and gastronomy. The creation of the museum of Greek Read more about The Greek Gastronomy museum[…]

delos myths and history

The sacred island of Delos. Myths and History.

Delos is the sacred island of ancient Greeks which according to the mythology was revealed in Lito who was persecuted from Ira through the waves of Aegean, in order to give birth to her son Apollo and her daughter Artemis. In Delos exists the ruins of one of the bigger and very impressively organized settlements Read more about The sacred island of Delos. Myths and History.[…]

Pavlopetri the submerged city

The ancient submerged city of Pavlopetri

The submerged city that you see in the video is not in some exotic area of Latin America but in Elafonissos in Greece. This area named Pavlopetri is located near the island of Elafonissos in South Greece. This ancient city is dating back to 2800 BC and has been preserved in very good condition. The Read more about The ancient submerged city of Pavlopetri[…]

Luxury Peloponnese cultural tour

Tour duration: 6 days In this article we are going to show you how to make a luxury Peloponnese cultural tour. You can do this cultural tour in the convenience of your own car or by renting a car. You can even hire a car with a private driver, if you want to choose the Read more about Luxury Peloponnese cultural tour[…]