The unknown Seychelles of Greece (video & pics)

Lichadonisia are Seychelles of Greece

In North Euboean gulf between the area of Kammena Vourla and Evia there is a cluster of small islands that are called from the locals, the Seychelles of Greece! The real name of the islands is “Lichadonisia” and they are a cluster of islands, which emerged after a strong earthquake in the area, thousands years ago.  Previously those islands were inhabited but now no one lives there. Furthermore, these islands consists protected area by the ecologists. “Lichadonisia” are an amazing destination for one-day tours and explorations!

Shipwreck in Lichadonisia

The biggest island of them is the island “Stroggyli” and the island “Manolia”. A little smaller are the islands “Little Stroggyli”, “Steno”, “Vagia” and some even smaller islands which are called “Pontikonisia”. In one of these islands there is an organized beach that offers sun beds and beverages. In one other island of this cluster, archaeologists have fount ruins of ancient villages and in one other island there is a church that people can use for their wedding ceremony or for christening. In the bottom of the sea between “Lichadonisia” there are a lot of old shipwrecks, which makes the spot very interesting for scuba divers. Everyday there are boats that transfer people from the port of Saint George in North Evia and from the port of Kammena Vourla to the island. The duration is 5-10 minutes and the boat disembarks people in Stroggyli Island, which is the island with the organized beach. Umbrellas and sun beds there are for free! You can have coffee or a beverage there and if you wish you can also have lunch. The beach is sandy and very exotic!

Lichadonisia, the Greek cluster of islands that reminds Seychelles

Furthermore, the last years a family of seals has chosen one of the small islands as their permanent residence! Visitors can meet them and take nice pictures of them! See below the amazing video of Lichadonisia:

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