The history of Parthenon temple through years

This video reveals the history of Parthenon temple through years. Parthenon temple and all the other buildings on the Acropolis hill, were build during the Golden ages of Pericles. Those buildings were representatives of Athenian glory and the goal of their construction was to promote the greatness of Athens but also to resolve social problems. The aim of Pericles was to offer employment to every single citizen of Athens. His belief was that every citizen of Athens should be able to benefit public money, as those that were taking part in battles and guarding the city. But he also beleived that everyone has to offer the best that he can to the city of Athens. In that way, every man that could not for some reason take part in a battle or offer services somewhere else, had the opportunity to offer manual labor and be a part of this common growth. This video by Costa Gavras shows the changes of Parthenon temple through years and is displayed in the New Acropolis Museum.

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