Luxury Peloponnese cultural tour

Tour duration: 6 days

In this article we are going to show you how to make a luxury Peloponnese cultural tour. You can do this cultural tour in the convenience of your own car or by renting a car. You can even hire a car with a private driver, if you want to choose the most luxury option.

Peloponnese cultural tour day 1

Arriving to Athens International Airport and with your car (rental or private) you depart for your first destination, Nafplio. Duration from Athens Airport to Nafplio is 1 hour and 45 minutes (167 km). At the same day we suggest to stay at Nafplio town, walk through picturesque streets and visit the cute little stores that sell traditional products. In Nafplio you should also visit the Mpourtzi Castle and the Palamidi Castle with the 999 steps!

Overnight at Nafplio

Accommondation: Nafplia Palace. The most luxury and famous hotel of Nafplio is Nafplia Palace, which is definately going to improve your travel experience.

Peloponnese cultural tour day 2

Visit ancient Mycenae by car. You will get there by car in 26 minutes (23 km). Mycanae is a World Heritage Monument by UNESCO. You should visit the great arcaeological museum and also the Mycenae Palace and the tomps. Your next stop will be Nemea. From Mycenae you will get to Nemea in 27 minutes by car (24 km). Nemea is one of the most famous wine regions in Greece. You can visit the wineries and taste delicious Greek wine. Besides the wineries you will also have the opportunity to visit the ruins of ancient Nemea, the museum and of course the temple and the ancient stadium.

Overnight at Nafplio

Peloponnese cultural tour day 3

Visit Epidaurus by car. You will drive for 42 minutes and you will arrive to Epidaurus, there will will have the opportunity to visit the world’s famous ancient theatre of Epidaurus, which is the most beautiful and best preserved among all the ancient theatres. You can also visit the museum and the sanctuary of Asclepios. Athe afternoon you will depart for your next stop which is Pilos. In Pilos is located the most famous resort in Greece, Costa Navarino. This resort offers you 5 star hotels, high-end properties, luxury spa facilities and it is also an international golf destination. You will get to Costa Navarino by car from Epidaurus and the duration is 3 hours (217 km). While driving to there you will enjoy the beautiful scenery with olive trees and villages of Peloponnese.

Overnight at Costa Navarino.

Peloponnese cultural tour day 4

Visit Methoni by car. Methoni is only 35 minutes away (26 km) and while getting there you will enjoy the romantic coastal road. In Methoni you will visit the Venetian fortress and castles of magical beauty. Then you can continue driving and get to Koroni (28 km from Methoni). In Koroni you can get through narrow passages to the castle, visit the Octagon Tower and the beautiful churches.

Overnight at Costa Navarino

Peloponnese cultural tour day 5

Visit the famous beach of Voidokoilia. The beach is located 10 minutes away from Costa Navarino and it is one of the most beautiful beaches known for its weird shape. Then you can visit the village of Foinikounta, builded by the sea. If you get the coastal road, you will get there in 45 minutes (35 km from Costa Navarino). You will be amazed by the beautiful restaurants by the sea and the crystal clear waters of the beach.

Overnight at Costa Navarino

Peloponnese cultural tour day 6

Returning to Athens Airport by car (3 hours and 23 minutes, 312 km) carrying in your baggage a memorable travel experience!

Peloponnese cultural tour

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