Ornos beach in Mykonos

The best beaches of Mykonos

Mykonos is famous for the parties and the expensive lifestyle but if you swim in those beaches you will forget about everything else…Below are the best beaches of Mykonos. Agios Sostis beach The most adventurous people on the island choose the beach of Agios Sostis. Do not forget to take with you water and coffee Read more about The best beaches of Mykonos[…]

Heatr-shaped island in Greece

The heart-shaped island and the ancient shipwrecks!

The Greek heart-shaped island and the ancient shipwrecks! Opposite to Methoni in Peloponnese is located the island of Sapientza. Sapientza considered to be one of the most beautiful islands of Messinia as it combines wild vegetation with amazing beaches. In the south side of the island exists a historical lighthouse built totally from stones in Read more about The heart-shaped island and the ancient shipwrecks![…]

Lichadonisia are Seychelles of Greece

The unknown Seychelles of Greece (video & pics)

In North Euboean gulf between the area of Kammena Vourla and Evia there is a cluster of small islands that are called from the locals, the Seychelles of Greece! The real name of the islands is “Lichadonisia” and they are a cluster of islands, which emerged after a strong earthquake in the area, thousands years Read more about The unknown Seychelles of Greece (video & pics)[…]

Lighthouse of Andros Greece

Top 10 lighthouses in Greece

Some years ago, those lighthouses had the meaning of good news for the sailormen, because when they were seeing their light they understood that the land was near. Now these beautiful lighthouses are standing alone in the sharpest edges of the Greek coast.   Lighthouses had always an atmosphere of mystery around them. Maybe because Read more about Top 10 lighthouses in Greece[…]

Impressive waterfalls in Greece

The most impressive waterfalls in Greece

Greece is known for the beautiful islands, the sea and the warm sun. What most people do not know is that Greece has also wonderful mountains with impressive waterfalls! Greece, together with Austria, is Europe’s most mountainous country. Greece’s territories are mountainous and hilly more than 70% of its total area. In this area grows Read more about The most impressive waterfalls in Greece[…]

delos myths and history

The sacred island of Delos. Myths and History.

Delos is the sacred island of ancient Greeks which according to the mythology was revealed in Lito who was persecuted from Ira through the waves of Aegean, in order to give birth to her son Apollo and her daughter Artemis. In Delos exists the ruins of one of the bigger and very impressively organized settlements Read more about The sacred island of Delos. Myths and History.[…]

Knossos palace

Tour to Knossos Palace. Mythology and history.

                                      Knossos Palace consists one of the most precious cultural attractions not only for Crete but also for the whole world. So in this article we will make a tour to Knossos Palace in Crete, which was Read more about Tour to Knossos Palace. Mythology and history.[…]

Pavlopetri the submerged city

The ancient submerged city of Pavlopetri

The submerged city that you see in the video is not in some exotic area of Latin America but in Elafonissos in Greece. This area named Pavlopetri is located near the island of Elafonissos in South Greece. This ancient city is dating back to 2800 BC and has been preserved in very good condition. The Read more about The ancient submerged city of Pavlopetri[…]