melomakarona, Christmas cookies

Greek Christmas cookies! How to make “melomakarona”!

Learn how to make the famous Greek Christmas cookies “melomakarona”! Recipe and video! The history behind “melomakarona” “Melomakarona” are the traditional Christmas cookies in Greece. Everyone loves them because they are moist with honey! The best melomakarona are those which are crispy on the outside and soft and moist on the inside! They are really Read more about Greek Christmas cookies! How to make “melomakarona”![…]

Christmas at Acropolis Museum

Christmas at Acropolis Museum

Christmas at Acropolis Museum is full of surprises! Acropolis Museum is prepared for Christmas 2015 with imaginative activities for children, Acropolis made of Lego, happy melodies and songs and many more surprises! Christmas events of Acropolis Museum have just been announced and they will take place on December 19, December 20 and December 27, 2015. Read more about Christmas at Acropolis Museum[…]

Digital museum of Plato

Digital Museum for the Academy of Plato

Academy of Plato has finally its own museum, dedicated to the great philosopher and his magnificent work. The brand new museum of Athens is a creation of the Foundation of the Hellenic World and inaugurated by the Mayor of Athens, Giorgos Kaminis and the Vice President of the Hellenic Foundation Sophia Kounenakis – Efremoglou. The Read more about Digital Museum for the Academy of Plato[…]

Art of Stephen Antonakos

“Neon” exhibition of Contemporary Art

State Museum of Contemporary Art presents “Stephen Antonakos – Prints” The State Museum of contemporary Art presents for the first time the exhibition “Stephen Antonakos – Prints” of the famous artist Stephen Antonakos. This exhibition traces the progress of Antonakos’s graphic work highlighting the artist’s many innovations: cuts; burns; collages; tears; seriality; handmade papers; reflection; Read more about “Neon” exhibition of Contemporary Art[…]

the ancient temple in marathon dam

The ancient temple in the Marathon dam

The ancient temple at the base of the Marathon dam was built by the Athenians in order to “exorcise” the water scarcity. Eleftherios Venizelos already counted one year as Prime Minister of Greece, when on October 20, 1928, in the presence of President of the Republic Admiral Kountouriotis, launched the project, which finally brought water Read more about The ancient temple in the Marathon dam[…]

Impressive waterfalls in Greece

The most impressive waterfalls in Greece

Greece is known for the beautiful islands, the sea and the warm sun. What most people do not know is that Greece has also wonderful mountains with impressive waterfalls! Greece, together with Austria, is Europe’s most mountainous country. Greece’s territories are mountainous and hilly more than 70% of its total area. In this area grows Read more about The most impressive waterfalls in Greece[…]

Greek gastronomy museum

The Greek Gastronomy museum

Greek Gastronomy museum is located at the historic neighbor of Psirri. Greek Gastronomy museum consist a non – profit private initiative which began in early 2013. The team that inspired and implemented the idea comes from different scientific fields with a common love for Greek tradition and gastronomy. The creation of the museum of Greek Read more about The Greek Gastronomy museum[…]

Rare archaeological discoveries Pylos

Rare archaeological discoveries in Pylos

    An important discovery was brought to light by the excavations of Jack L. Davis and Sharon R. Stocker, from the University of Cincinnati, in the Peloponnese. This rare archaeological discovery is about a very rich tomp with weapons and gold next to the dead.  This is the fisrt time that someone steps its Read more about Rare archaeological discoveries in Pylos[…]