Artistic Christmas gifts from famous Greek museums

Make the most artistic gifts to celebrate Christmas and the New Year!

This Christmas if you don’t want to make an ordinary gift but an artistic Christmas gift, you should visit the museums. This year the shops inside the most famous Greek museums are selling the most artistic Christmas gifts you have ever seen! The location of the museums is really convenient because they are in central spots in Athens and all of them are very close to metro or bus stations. Some of them have a site with an e-shop which makes your purchase even easier! In their displays you can find objects inspired from their collections and buy a gift which is going to impress the recipient!

Museum of Cycladic Art

In the new Cycladic shop of the museum you can find original objects, inspired by the collections of the museum. Greeks and foreign artists designed objects inspired by the Cycladic civilization of the 3rd millennium BC. In these objects they have transferred the simplicity and their usability in recent times.

There you can find presents for the home, for males or females, objects for everyday use and much more! Also the shop of the museum has marble sculptures, ceramic objects and jewelries.  Furthermore, you can find very interesting books and  gift proposals for little children, such as toys and books.

The Christmas gift proposal of the museum is one of the most beautiful lucky charms for 2016! It is a gold plated head of a Cycladic figurine with 6 semiprecious rocks on it. It costs 35,00€.


Benaki Museum

The shops of Benaki Museum are located in Koubari street, in Kriezotou street, in Pireos street and also inside the museum of Islamic Art. In all these shops you can find origami, books, unique jewelries, puzzles and many more gifts! These creations are made from new Greek artists and they are in good prices!

Museum’s Christmas gift proposal is lucky charms for the year to come. One really impressive lucky charm is the one that Nikos Garbis created, you can wear it as a pendant, it is gold plated silver and it costs 35,00€. Also there you can find many wishing cards only at 0,90€ and many little pieces of art collected by the most famous museums from all over the world!

christmas gift from the Benaki museum

Acropolis Museum

The Christmas gift proposal of Acropolis Museum is also the lucky charm of 2016! It is inspired by a marble magic sphere which was found near the ancient theater of Dionysos. It costs 32,00€. It depicts the god Sun on a throne, a lion, a dragon and a variety of magic symbols. The sphere seems to be used in rituals with the hope that the magic power that it has will lead to good and bring happiness.

acropolis museum christmas gift

Theocharakis institution

In the shop of the institution (1 Merlin Street, Kolonaki) you can find very artistic objects for decoration or for everyday use. Also you can find creations made of porcelain, silk-screens, jewelries, accessories most of them inspired from the permanent collection of the Institution. Specially for Christmas, if you like ceramic objects, there you can find handmade ceramic pomegranates which are symbols of good luck. They are made from Greek designers and they cost 30,00€


Heracledon Museum

Heracleidon museum

Escher, Vasarely, Toulouse-Lautrec, many copies of famous artists that were hosted by the museum over the years, are available at the shop of the Heracledon Museum. Also silk-screens, books, jewelries, watches, ties, scarves, porcelain and handmade silver souvenirs with the emblem of the museum are available.

Athens Museum for children

For gifts and ornaments made by your children, visit the Athens Museum for children (14 Kidathineon Street, Plaka). All the weekends of December, this museum has educational programs for children 3 – 12 years old. Little friends of the museum can experiment with different materials such as clay, to make ornaments for the tree and seasonal pastries.

gift from Athens children museum


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